AccurKardia delivers its ECG interpretation software within the Lucem Health Reveal family of clinical AI solutions

November 21, 2023 – AccurKardia, an ECG-led diagnostics software company, announced a multi-year agreement with Lucem Health, a leading provider of clinical AI solutions. The partnership paves the way for AccurKardia to integrate its FDA-cleared ECG Interpretation Software Platform, the AcurrECG Analysis System (“AccurECG”) into Lucem Health Reveal, a family of solutions that identify patients who may be at higher risk for serious or chronic diseases .

AccurKardia’s AccurECG is a cloud-based, device-agnostic, fully automated ECG interpretation software platform that can detect up to 13 arrhythmias. This technology helps cardiac monitoring companies analyze ECGs recorded from a wide range of inputs from wet electrode devices.

“Our software helps clinicians review EKGs more efficiently and enables rapid treatment of patients with important cardiovascular insights delivered in minutes. This partnership with Lucem Health allows us to bring the power of our technology to Lucem Health’s clinical AI solution ,” said Juan C. Jiménez, CEO of AccurKardia. “This is an important step in our mission to improve patient outcomes and save lives at scale.”

“Lucem Health’s Reveal solutions provide a unique way to identify health risks for patients that are hiding in plain sight. Our partnership with AccurKardia enables us to extend Reveal’s benefits to cardiovascular disease,” said Jeremy E. Pierotti, General Manager for Solutions at Lucem Health. “We are committed to providing clinicians with the most advanced tools for early diagnosis and intervention of chronic diseases. Later this year, we will announce our first product incorporating AccurKardia’s FDA-cleared technology.”

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