Angelalign Technology and Medit reveal seamless software integration

Angelalign Technology is excited to announce a software integration with Medit Corporation, a global leader in intraoral scanning (IOS). This integration seamlessly combines Medit’s IOS technology with Angelalign Technology’s intuitive iOrtho treatment planning software and aligners, providing clinicians with a streamlined, efficient and highly accurate workflow. Both companies, Angelalign Technology Inc. and Medit, share a common commitment to open business systems, and prioritize our customers’ workflow experience.

angelalign technology

Angelalign technology has introduced notable innovations such as the angelButton, the world’s first and only integrated elastic wear button, A6 Mandibular Advancement and the advanced iOrtho software. These innovations have set Angel Aligners apart in the market and positioned them favorably for global expansion.

As the market leader in the rapidly growing IOS industry, Medit has achieved exceptional success. The company’s state-of-the-art scanners are known for their precision, user-friendly design and speed. Medit’s dedication to excellence fits seamlessly with Angel Aligner’s commitment to providing superior orthodontic solutions.

This collaboration brings together decades of experience, innovation and a shared dedication to excellence.

Together, Angelalign Technology and Medit enable providers around the world to offer patients the best possible care and achieve exceptional results.

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