Approved software and hardware

The state’s Chief Information Officer has statutory authority over all information technology and telecommunications acquisitions (as defined in the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act) of executive state agencies. The Chief Information Officer has delegated approval authority for certain purchases to the agencies as authorized in 62 OS 34.11.1 and set forth in Procurement Information Memorandum: Delegation of Authority from CIO for Purchase of Certain Information Technology and Telecommunication Products.

The software and hardware mentioned have undergone a security assessment, an architecture assessment and a tender approval before being added to the list. As technical solutions are found to meet agency needs, this list will be updated.

The linked lists represent the software and hardware available for purchase pursuant to the delegation set forth in 62 OS 34.11.1.

If the required software and hardware are not on the list of approved software and/or approved hardware, this does not prevent the agency from acquiring the technology. The applicant authority simply needs to purchase the software and/or hardware as per the standard process as laid down in the Central Procurement Act and the State Finance Act.

*Ignore previous versions of the approved hardware and software list.

To purchase hardware or software, follow your standard purchase process. Use ePro applications if applicable. View the Purchasing Information Memorandum for detailed information about purchasing limits.

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