Automation, PaaC and DevSecOps advice

Our service offers extensive advice and consultancy in the field of automation, Platform as a Code (PaaC) and DevSecOps. We help with the integration and optimization of automated processes, cloud-based platform implementation and the implementation of secure development practices.

Much attention is paid to automating security procedures, starting from the initiation of a business request and continuing through to the final implementation of changes to the necessary infrastructure and security policies.

Conversations can cover GitOps and other methodologies, allowing selection of the most appropriate based on individualized needs and specific circumstances.

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Automation, GitOps, Policy as Code, IaaC:

  • Defined workflows for tasks to be automated.
  • Best practices for required actions.
  • Recommended approaches suitable for specific cases and environments.
  • API/CLI recommendations with code examples.
  • Managed service for custom code development, deployment, and maintenance.

CI/CD security:

  • Analysis of processes and pipelines (4C and CNAPP models).
  • SDLC security recommendations.
  • Optional security checks of the live (test/staging) environment.

Most relevant roles
Security architecture team, security engineers, DevOps and DevSecOps engineers, SOC developers.

Ideal number of participants
2-5 professionals

Infinity global services

Check Point Infinity Global Services provides end-to-end security services that help you grow your team’s expertise, design best practices, and prevent threats in real time. Wherever you are in your cybersecurity journey, we start there. Our elite experts work with your team to take your organization to the next level of protection and build your cyber resilience plan.

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