Best SEO Software of 2023

SEO software

Specific SEO goals: Which SEO software is best for you depends in part on your goals, such as improving the SEO of a particular page or your entire website, or keeping people on your site longer. Whatever your goals, find the solution that moves you forward so you’re happy with the end result.

Easy to use: All SEO software has a learning curve, but some are steeper than others. If a solution is reported to be difficult to learn, see if you can use a free trial or get a personalized demo to see if it’s right for you.

Feature set: Most SEO software has keyword analytics and tools to help with backlinks and on-page optimizations, but not all, and some lock them behind higher paying tiers. Make sure the software you choose has the features you need for what you want to achieve.

“When it comes to SEO software, the ‘best’ comes down to the amount of data it offers: the database,” says Dan Trim, founder of Creative Express. “If you’re looking for the best keywords to grow your presence and one returns five keywords and the other shows fifty, the latter is much more useful. You also need auditing and other functions, and [the best SEO software] does everything exceptionally well.”

Data accuracy: For some, the accuracy of the data is the most important feature of all SEO software. “[If the] data is the most reliable, [it enables] I want to focus on building keyword lists, segmented by topic, to focus on topical authority, with an emphasis on choosing keywords that fit criteria that take into account keyword difficulty, search volume and intent of the user,” says Daniel Lynch, president of digital marketing at Empathy First Media. is not correct, he says he can’t do his job and that the software tools are useless.

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Trial period: Some SEO software subscriptions can be expensive, especially if you have a team of people you want to use the software with. See if the software has a free trial or demo to make sure you like it.