BLACKPINK Renew Contract With YG Entertainment, Members To Go Solo: Reports

BLACKPINK has reportedly renewed her contract with K-pop agency YG Entertainment in a fresh new update. A couple of K-media insiders have revealed that the Pink Venom vocalists would not only maintain but also strengthen their status as global stars while still under contract, putting an end to much anticipation and speculation about the girl group’s future during their debut agency. The news of BLACKPINK’s comeback has sent Blinks into a giddy moment, but the official confirmation of the same is still awaited. Here is the full report.

BLACKPINK to continue with YG Entertainment

Blackpink is making a comeback in August 2022.

In an announcement issued a few days ago, YG stated that the board is now in negotiations with the members to extend their contracts, which expired in August. A few BLACKPINK managers resigned following this update, further fueling rumors of the band’s possible split. Currently, as in a recent Munhwa Ilbo report, “Blackpink is accepting ‘group-based’ activities… Two membership contracts have already been signed.

BLACKPINK members will go solo in the future

Still, the report raises the possibility that some members would decide to work solo. It was claimed that the exclusive contracts between YG Entertainment and each member did not go as planned. Members want to pursue their own projects going forward and just meet for BLACKPINK group activities.

A few members are still considering continuing their solo careers with the agency, the source added, despite all this. According to the industry official, “Some agencies are extending offers with payouts in the tens of billions of won to attract them. Nevertheless, certain members feel that partnering with YG, the entity that has supported BLACKPINK’s efforts so far, is a more effective approach , and they are currently in ongoing discussions with YG.”

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On November 15, YG said, “As of the announcement date, negotiations for a new exclusive contract with the artists are underway. The final results will be announced through subsequent announcements of key management issues related to investment decisions.”

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