BLACKPINK renews YG Entertainment contract members lisa jisoo jennie rose set for solo ventures reports

Popular K-pop band BLACKPINK has reportedly renewed its contract with YG Entertainment, according to Korean media. This update has put an end to speculation about the band’s future with their debut agency. However, the official confirmation is still missing.


According to reports, BLACKPINK has reportedly renewed a ‘non-exclusive’ contract with YG Entertainment. The agency recently stated that they are discussing contract extensions with the band members following the expiration of their previous contracts in August.

This led to rumors of a possible split in the band, especially after a few bandleaders stepped down. According to a report, the band has agreed to continue ‘group-based’ activities and two members have already signed their contracts. But the report also suggests that some members may choose to work solo.


It was revealed that the exclusive contracts between YG Entertainment and the members did not go as expected. Some members intend to pursue their own projects and only reunite for BLACKPINK group activities. Although some agencies offer lucrative deals to attract them, certain members feel that it is a better option to continue with YG Entertainment, which has supported BLACKPINK’s journey thus far. On November 15, YG Entertainment stated that negotiations for a new exclusive contract with the artists are underway and the final results will be announced soon.

Published by:

Trisha Bhattacharya

Released on:

20 November 2023

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