CAD software easily adjusts tooth wear in real time

ChairsideCAD is the first fully open architecture CAD software platform for single-visit dentistry. It is based on exocad’s leading DentalCAD laboratory software and supports various indications, dental restorations and appliances. The latest release, ChairsideCAD 3.1 Rijeka, features a new tool to easily adjust tooth grinding in real time and allows clinicians to reuse anatomical designs for multiple restorations – saving valuable time in the patient journey when creating clip-on smiles for patient engagement, temporary and final restorations. For more information, call (855) EXO-4CAD (396-4223) or visit

ChairsideCAD is easy to learn and guides you step by step through the process.

ChairsideCAD allows you to complete dental restorations for patients in a single visit.

ChairsideCAD allows you to integrate open hardware and materials of your choice because it supports file formats for open scanners, CT machines, 3D printers and milling machines.

ChairsideCAD facilitates communication with dental laboratories and manufacturing centers for improved and predictable results.


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