Cayuse chosen as Ohio University’s new research administration software

The Department of Research, the Ministry of Finance and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) are proud to announce that Cayuse has been selected as the new electronic research administration software, replacing the current platform, LEO, following a rigorous evaluation process that included members from across the community of Ohio University.

The decision to choose Cayuse officially began in January 2023, and since then this collaborative group has begun implementing Cayuse into Ohio University’s research infrastructure. The full implementation of Cayuse will involve many research and financial activities and will be phased in over the coming years and fully implemented by the end of 2024.

What is Cayuse?

Cayuse is a cloud-based electronic research administration software that works on a single platform with a modern web-based interface. It integrates numerous modules to provide a centralized solution for all OHIO research needs. Cayuse is employed by more than 650 research organizations worldwide, making it a proven solution for connected research.

For David Koonce, the interim vice president of research and creative operations and dean of the Graduate College, the implementation of Cayuse and the retirement of the company’s current electronic research administration software, LEO, heralds an exciting opportunity.

“LEO was conceived years ago in an era when commercial research administration systems were in their infancy,” says Koonce. “While it has served us admirably, the time has come for us to embrace the flexibility, expansion, standardization, comprehensive reporting and integration capabilities of a contemporary system. I am thrilled that Ohio University will be able to leverage the full potential of Cayuse’s advanced functionality and robust support to further expand our research efforts.”

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Through Cayuse, teachers and staff receive a virtual hub that:

  • Maximizes efficiency by consolidating many of OHIO’s sponsored program systems in one place.
  • Minimizes risk with streamlined compliance management.
  • Streamlines administrative workflows related to sponsored projects, protocols, funding and more.

Why Cayuse?

Today’s electronic research administration software, LEO, has served OHIO faithfully for more than 19 years. However, as OHIO moves forward in its quest for research excellence, there is an urgent need for modern research administration software that will evolve to meet OHIO’s research needs. As a cloud-based third-party software, Cayuse is backed by an extensive Cayuse, LLC support team, ensuring OHIO’s growth as a research institution now and into the future.

Additionally, Cayuse offers research faculty and administrators new capabilities not available with LEO. For example, Cayuse offers a centralized dashboard for all research needs, the ability to integrate directly with other applications to streamline administrative supervision of awards and subsidies, and additional modules that will modernize various administrative processes in areas that have not been able to upgrade their procedures.

Please note that more information will follow

More information about the implementation plan for the new Cayuse system and the transition from the current LEO system can be found on the Cayuse Research Administration Software web page. The aim of the transition is to minimize disruption and support researchers in adapting to the Cayuse system.

To facilitate a smooth transition, the Department of Research, the Ministry of Finance and the Bureau of Information Technology are committed to:

  • Providing training and support through documentation for the transition to Cayuse.
  • Providing support options for feedback during the Cayuse implementation.
  • Evaluating and determining a transition period that minimizes the negative impact.
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A plan for the rollout of each phase and its modules, frequently asked questions, and an area to ask other questions or provide feedback through a dynamic FAQ can be found on OHIO’s Cayuse Research Administration Software webpage.

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