Choosing the right e-prescribing software to comply with Illinois’ new law

As an ISDS member, we want you to have an electronic prescribing solution that not only meets compliance requirements, but also creates a better clinical workflow for you.

Effective January 1, 2024, all prescribers of Illinois controlled substances, including dentists, who prescribe more than 150 Schedule II-V controlled substances in a calendar year must prescribe electronically. But e-Prescribing means more than just a law that requires it.

There are some lesser-known facts that can shed light on the meaning and benefits of ePrescribing controlled substances and all medications, especially in the context of the law.

ISDS announces new approval iCoreRx cloud e-prescribing. ISDS members who subscribe to iCoreRx can expect:

  • Integration with practice management systems
  • Flexibility to provide care through e-prescriptions from any computer or device, even outside your practice.
  • Use of an integrated, always up-to-date Lexicomp drug reference guide.
  • Access to the patient’s full recipe history.
  • Ability to ePrescribe controlled substances quickly and in full compliance
  • One-click access to controlled substance prescription history checks directly through the Illinois Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

ISDS members receive 43% discount on your iCoreRx subscription. Benefit from iCoreConnect’s expertise to guide you through the process as quickly as possible. Get started by booking a demo at or call 888.810.7706.

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