Data says Synergy multi-agent orchestration software is a game changer

WMS technology innovator Synergy Logistics describes some overall productivity improvements and cost reduction statistics from the first full implementation of its SnapControl multi-agent orchestration solution at a fast-growing US online retailer…..

Synergy Logistics, a leading innovator in warehouse technology, reports remarkable results with its breakthrough multi-agent orchestration platform, SnapControl.

This software solution allows warehouses to achieve seamless and efficient control over all automation devices and robots in their distribution centers.

SnapControl stands out as a game changer because it enables comprehensive data capture so companies can assess the operational value generated by each device in real time. This data-driven approach enables decision-making and ensures optimal performance and efficiency. The software’s first implementation in collaboration with a fast-growing US online retailer demonstrated SnapControl’s transformative capabilities.

By analyzing data from this ground-breaking installation, SnapControl was able to optimize the allocation of tasks between human and automated resources. It determined the quality of manual versus automated picking tasks and identified the manual picks required in areas served by Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). As a result, the operation achieved a sixfold increase in productivity.

This translated into a return on investment (ROI) in automated resources, equivalent to labor savings of over half a million dollars. On average, the company now saves over $40,000 per week with an impressive payback period of just 23 weeks.

Out of over 40,000 stock picks, more than 24,000 automated tasks – equivalent to 61% of the workload – were managed seamlessly by SnapControl. This automation has significantly eased the workload of the existing warehouse staff.

Smitha Raphael, Chief Product & Delivery Officer for Synergy Logistics, explained the software’s rapid implementation: “We implemented both the SnapFulfil and SnapControl solutions in less than 60 days to manage allocation of work to AMRs and routing of work to cartoning equipment in the right size without major software upheavals.”

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She added: “The real added value is the complete data picture it brings, which can facilitate tangible labor savings, accurate asset management decisions and fast time-to-value. With this customer, if, for example, a robot battery is dead, SnapControl tells. they assign instantly and automatically assign the task to an employee with an RF scanner, so there is no downtime.”

In addition to achieving full operational status for their new 300,000 sq. feet warehouse within a week of commissioning, the company’s receiving, warehousing and shipping processes were also fully operational immediately. This allowed the operation to quickly pivot and focus on new initiatives and maintain agility in response to changing market demands.

SnapControl integrates seamlessly with the warehouse management system (WMS) SnapFulfil and is compatible with any other established WMS, order management system (OMS) or e-commerce front-end system, whether in the cloud or on-premises. This versatility allows SnapControl to orchestrate the prioritization of work, automatically assign tasks and workflows, and evaluate which units are best suited for specific operations.

SnapControl’s comprehensive capabilities position it as a central tool in distribution center automation. By interpreting two-way communication between machines and advanced WMS, SnapControl facilitates efficient, automated decision-making—a critical component of the second wave of automation recognized by leading industry analysts.

This approach departs from the mass adoption of robots and focuses on targeted automation, enabling productivity improvements as robot fleets expand from multiple vendors and diversified portfolios.