Doritos ‘Crunch Cancellation’ software for gamers to remove crunching sounds from headsets – and it’s free

eating Doritos while Doritos played out

New ‘crunch cancellation’ software has been developed to remove the sound of crunch while wearing a headset.

Created by software developer Dylan Fashbaugh, the AI-powered technology listens for the sound of someone else’s voice and separates it from the crunch of a snack – meaning people can chomp without making a sound.

‘Doritos Silent’ was in development over the past year, the culmination of an analysis of more than 5,000 crunching sounds.

Once installed, simply turn it on and it can work with any software that supports voice chat.

It follows a survey of 2,000 adults which found that 46 per cent dislike the sound of other people eating and 41 per cent feel self-conscious about making too much noise because others find it distracting.

Of the 2,000 gamers surveyed by OnePoll, 29 percent believe it affects their performance, yet eating and gaming go hand in hand for the vast majority of gamers.

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The technology will also enable those working from home to crunch through chips while dialing into a call.

“As a gamer myself, I can attest that nothing throws me off my game more than the sound of someone else tucking into a snack,” said developer Dylan of Smooth Technology. “We tested thousands of crunching sounds and carefully trained the software to remove the sounds.”

A Doritos spokesperson said: “It’s been hard to keep this one quiet…but we’re finally able to reveal the launch of our ‘Crunch Cancellation’ technology.

PC users can now download the software from the brand’s website and use it for free.

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“We know the nation loves the satisfying crunch of our tortilla chips, but listening to someone else enjoy them can be off-putting.

“That’s why we set out to develop the first ever AI-enhanced ‘silent’ snack, and after months of expert development, PC gamers across the country can finally smash a microphone without making a sound.”

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