DOTsfty develops new software for safety managers in the truck fleet

BELLVUE, Wash. — DOTsfty has announced new automated driver training software aimed at helping truck fleet safety managers improve truck driver safety and efficiency.

According to a news release, the software integrates with existing driver and vehicle tracking platforms and collects vital data to provide 360-degree driver behavior analysis.

“In the wake of COVID-19, the transportation sector is facing a market with relentless headwinds: diesel prices have risen 50% over the past year, and the industry has witnessed the folding of 3,140 trucking companies in just one quarter,” the press release stated. “To add to the burden, freight costs are significantly reduced as the market adjusts post-pandemic, squeezing margins even more.”

Fleet operators are also struggling with a 12% year-over-year increase in vehicle maintenance costs and an 8% increase in insurance premiums, the press release notes.

By leveraging various data points, DOTsfty’s mobile driver education platform standardizes high-performance driver behavior and reduces expenses related to fuel, vehicle maintenance and insurance rates. Accessing data in one central location allows fleet safety managers to unlock the full potential of their telematics, fleet inspection and fuel management data to better onboard, assess and train drivers.

“By adopting DOTsfty’s automated training solution, we have dramatically changed the engagement and efficiency of our drivers. Previously, our training methods of emailing PDF attachments weekly to drivers only had a 5% engagement rate. With DOTsfty, we have seen a remarkable increase to an 80% engagement rate, eliminating the need to chase drivers for training compliance.” said Robert Putt, CEO of DTS Dedicated Transportation Services. “We are also impressed with the ease of DOTsfty’s onboarding – simple, engineering-free and with instant training activation when integrating with our Samsara. We appreciated the immediate start with zero initiation costs.”

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Yuichi Uchida, DOTsfty’s co-founder and chief operating officer, said safety managers can often struggle to provide timely and corrective feedback to drivers due to a lack of real-time data.

“Drivers do not get instant feedback on important driving behaviors such as telematics (acceleration, hard braking, HOS), inspection (PTI and DVIR), fuel efficiency (idle time, speeding) and violation recorded via SMS portal,” said Uchida. “By integrating these data sources, we provide a unique and powerful tool for safety managers to monitor and deliver training in real-time. For example, drivers receive push notifications and notifications on the Geotab Drive App, Fleetio app or others from our service. One of our long-haul customers discovered that only 1% of their drivers were responsible for 10% of the company’s total fuel consumption due to unnecessary idling and hard acceleration. Using our platform, they managed to save $170,000 annually”

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