Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

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The younger generation is about more than the latest TikTok dances. Apparently they also write books.

Such is the case for the authors of “We Make the World Magazine: Young Authors Anthology.” Annika Arvik, Luna Randolph, James Clawson, Matthew Randolph, Leila Goldstein, Xander Jordan and Harrison Sargent are all writers ages 12 to 16 under the umbrella of Young Authors founder Tracy Randolph, a Bay Area artist and teacher.

“Young Authors Press was created when my son (Matthew) specifically, at 9 years old, wanted to obsessively talk about this book that he wanted to write,” said Tracy Randolph. “When I had him and a couple of my other students who were really interested in writing, we first started writing creatively, just playing around.”

From there, they became involved in National Novel Writing Month, a challenge for creative people to set writing goals and execute the plan. Tracy’s children, Matthew and Luna, and many of her students took the challenge quite seriously.

Owner of Karen Findlay’s indie bookstore, Vallejo’s Alibi Bookshop. (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group)

At the age of 16, Matthew is already an established author, having completed his Dungeons and Dragons-inspired “Call to a Quest” trilogy in just three years. Throughout Matthew’s time writing and creating the artwork for each book, Matthew appreciates how his art “evolved over the last three years.”

“I’m honestly really, really proud that this is number three because the best things come in threes, right?” Matthew said. “It feels great to finally have three full books and finish the series because it’s like a complete thing.”

The creation of “We Make the World Magazine: Young Authors Anthology” was eye-opening for Matthew, who worked as a collaboration and not on his own.

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“It was a group process and things were difficult, but it was fun to have a lot of other people working on it at the same time. It’s not just from my mind. It’s important to have other people’s aspects so you get a whole rainbow of things,” said Matthew.

Matthew encourages teenagers to read more, saying he finds it “enjoyable”. He hopes to spread his passion for reading at an upcoming book signing event at Alibi Bookshop in Vallejo.

“I hope they are inspired,” Matthew said. “I want them to love my story.”

The Young Authors Press reading will be Friday, September 29 at 5pm at Alibi Bookshop, 624 Marin St. in Vallejo.

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