Enact Solar implements updates for the Solar Design Software Platform

Enact Solar has added a major update to its Solar Design software platform, aimed at optimizing the installer experience.

The Solar Design Installer software is an all-in-one cloud platform designed to help sales and installation professionals. It provides remote design using high-resolution satellite images and generates proposals with price and energy analyses.

The company says the goal of the software is to enable faster sales pipeline growth and seamless project management. The 2024 update of the platform will include features such as 3D modeling and automatic height and pitch detection.

“Our newly enhanced Solar Design software for solar installers is transforming the way solar and storage projects are planned and executed,” said Manasij Kar of Enact. “Using advanced data-driven analytics, installers can now confidently discuss design plans with homeowners and businesses, minimizing errors. This means faster, more accurate implementation for installers and greater transparency for customers.”

“As solar energy continues to rapidly spread around the world, we expect to see a significant increase in the number of homeowners, businesses and local communities who will embrace solar energy as a source of clean and affordable energy,” added Deep Chakraborty, CEO and co-founder of Enact, please. “This new upgrade to our Solar Design software is part of our ongoing commitment to improving the solar and energy storage experience, from purchase to ownership, for customers and installers.”

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