Energy Toolbase introduces solar energy monitoring software – pv magazine USA

The provider of software for solar and energy storage analytics, proposal generation and energy management systems has added production monitoring software to its product suite.

Energy Toolbase, a provider of solar energy and storage software, has announced that it has added a solar energy production monitoring software product to its lineup. The company also offers project analysis, customer proposal generation and smart energy management systems.

The new product, called ETB Monitor, is a platform designed to arm professionals and asset managers with economic and solar energy management. It is designed to help asset owners maximize the value of their project.

ETB Monitor is available as a standalone product or as part of the company’s existing software suite called ETB Developer, which focuses on the analysis of solar and storage proposals. The new software allows users to move seamlessly from the development phase to the monitoring phase, the company said.

Image: Energy Toolbase

Energy Toolbase’s software is supported by an energy rate database, utility bill calculation engine and account management support staff.

The ETB Monitor provides visualizations of the expected generation of a solar installation, calculated based on the system characteristics and microclimate satellite weather data. Users can track and compare actual production to the expected baseline, helping asset owners identify potential problems, improve system performance and reduce operating costs.

“This innovative platform allows energy professionals to monitor the economics of their solar systems in real time and make informed decisions about their operations, ultimately leading to greater profitability and growth,” said John Gurski, founder and president of Energy Toolbase.