Entrust launches electronic signature software with ID verification for high-value transactions

Identity security company Entrust has announced Verified Signing, a comprehensive electronic signature product designed to increase trust in digital transactions and agreements.

Entrust Verified Signing integrates ID verification and identity and access management with digital signatures to authenticate both parties involved in digital transactions. The software can be integrated into current workflows or deployed on its own.

A product sheet makes it clear that the product supports various identities, including NFC scans of government-issued identity documents and a biometric comparison.

In a company statement, president of digital security solutions at Entrust Bhagwat Swaroop points to a recent IDC survey that found that 86 percent of IT decision makers reported investing in e-Signature software in the past year, and that 85 percent plan to investing in the next 12-18 months.

“But identity has been a barrier to digitizing personal processes – how to maintain confidence in the identities of parties on either side of a risky, regulated transaction without face-to-face interaction. Being able to verify the identity of both parties provides peace of mind and helps ensure compliance,” said Swaroop.

Entrust’s electronic signature software allows businesses to authenticate using multiple sources, such as government-issued digital IDs, passports, and corporate IDs. The software can help organizations meet compliance requirements such as the US E-Sign Act and eiDAS. It allows customers to safely enter into high-risk agreements such as loans, mortgages and real estate.

Entrust was named a key player in the 2023 IDC MarketScape Worldwide eSignature Software Report. The company is also a certification authority and an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider. It is a member of both the Adobe Endorsed Trust List and the Cloud Signature Consortium.

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“With Verified Signing, Entrust puts identity and security at the heart of e-Signatures for a range of use cases, including high-assurance transactions and support for phishing-resistant identities with certificate-based authentication and the digital account onboarding process,” says Swaroop.

“Leveraging Entrust’s expertise and innovation, organizations can more confidently deploy secure digital transactions, reducing fraud, improving customer and employee relationships and increasing operational efficiencies, while aligning with key industry standards for electronic signature,” he adds.

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