EquipFlows release: A revolutionary DME management software that eases administrative workloads and allows nurses to spend more time with patients

IRVINE, Calif. —

Wynne Systems expands portfolio for the healthcare industry with the launch of EquipFlows – a DME management, tracking and ordering solution that harnesses the power of automation to eliminate administrative burdens for nurses.

Capitalizing on their technology’s long-term success in revolutionizing the construction industry’s equipment landscape, Wynne Systems announced the launch of EquipFlows. This platform is specifically designed to focus on DME management and leverage data-driven methodologies to meet the unique needs of large healthcare organizations facing the pervasive challenge of doing more with less.

The team at Wynne Systems realized the potential impact of EquipFlows on the healthcare industry after working with the nation’s largest hospice provider, VITAS™ Healthcare, to develop a solution to fit the unique DME management needs of an organization of their size.

Their commitment to technology innovation and advancement in their practice is what drove this partnership to the thriving success it is today.

“At VITAS, it was important that we partnered with a reliable solution to help streamline our processes for ordering and delivering medical equipment and supplies. Today, our nurses are noticeably happier because they can spend more time with their patients at the bedside, which in turn improves patient and family satisfaction. The human benefits and administrative savings have far exceeded the cost of this technology.” –Joel Wherley, VITAS Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Designed to automate workflows, strengthen regulatory compliance and facilitate data-driven decision making, EquipFlows simplifies the equipment ordering process for nurses, enabling them to spend more time with patients while controlling costs. Filling a critical void in real-time analytics and data centralization, EquipFlows offers comprehensive monitoring across different asset types and locations for a true end-to-end solution.

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EquipFlows offers a suite of 200+ features that address several pain points commonly experienced in the healthcare industry. One of the key benefits is the simplification of equipment ordering through the power of automation and custom configurations.

EquipFlows creates a single pane ordering experience for all employees to create, track and maintain equipment, supplies and service orders sourced from multiple third-party vendors for fulfillment. Guided assessments filter products into a customized bundle of items based on patients’ unique needs, and users are updated with real-time information as it happens, such as order status, location tracking, maintenance repairs and more.

Another key benefit is real-time monitoring, which provides immediate access to essential asset data through customizable dashboards and reportsThis not only streamlines decision-making, but also ensures that vital information is available to team members across different organizational levels.

EquipFlows is not just another asset management tool; it is designed with the specific requirements of enterprise-level businesses in mind. These organizations often deal with large, complex assets and require an advanced, data-centric approach to manage them effectively. Its seamless integration with existing technology infrastructures makes it a flexible and future-proof solution for large organizations that continue to scale.

EquipFlows enables fast, simple and accurate DME management using the power of automation to lift administrative burdens so nurses can spend more time with patients. Backed by Wynne Systems’ legacy of software innovation, EquipFlow empowers teams to collaborate with tools that reduce costs, streamline operations, and enable informed decision-making with customized reporting and analytics. Its adaptable architecture ensures seamless integration with existing technology stacks, supported by Wynne Systems’ deep industry knowledge.

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Wynne Systems is a leading supplier of DME management and construction management software to companies worldwide. Our software is designed to help increase efficiency across your entire organization, from critical reporting analysis to total asset management. We use the latest technologies to automate workflows, lift administrative burdens and allow nurses to spend more time with patients.

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