Five software engineers arrested for data theft and hacking

Chennai: Five software engineers, including two women, were arrested by the cybercrime unit of the Chennai Central Crime Branch (CCB) on Thursday on charges of data theft and hacking into Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts. The arrested were identified as Edison of Neelankarai, Ramkumar of Neelanakarai, Kavya Vasanthkrishan of Adambakkam, Ravitha Devasenapathy of Bengaluru and S Karuppaiah of Pudukottai. Police seized seven laptops, an iPad and four mobile phones from the arrested engineers. All five were later remanded in custody after appearing before a magistrate court in the city. Cybercrime personnel plan to take the suspects into custody for interrogation. “We will question them to determine how much damage companies and banks have suffered from this data theft. We will also verify whether private companies have made profits using this stolen data,” a cybercrime police officer said. The issue came to light after a complaint was filed by the financial manager of a software company that supplies software products to cloud-based banking companies. computer software provided by Amazon web services. He said there was an “unauthorized and fraudulent act of hacking and criminal breach of trust” committed on customers’ AWS accounts. Cybercrime police have obtained an IP address of the suspected fraudster. It was found that CAF belonged to Edison, who works in the complainant company.
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