Flowmeter Software Driver for Chromatography Data Systems

Flowmeter Software Driver for Chromatography Data Systems


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  • Source: Test Analytical
  • Date: November 16, 2023

TESTA Analytical announces a powerful new software driver that allows the control and collection of data from any of its AB-4XXXX Series liquid flow meters using a chromatography data system (CDS) which supports Agile technologies rapid control framework (rc.NET).

Software Developer – Carlo Dessy said “Including real-time flow rate data with each chromatogram is a valuable aid in obtaining a total quality assessment of any HPLC, UHPLC, LC/MS or GPC/SEC system. Chromatography computer systems are widely used in laboratories around the world because they include functionality that enables time savings in analysis, interpretation and reporting processes, while technical controls ensure work quality, efficient record management and improved data security.

Easy integration and full compatibility of our flow meters with chromatography data systems is a crucial requirement for them to be routinely used with liquid chromatographs of analytical laboratories that need the highest level of data integrity”.

Using the new software driver, multiple flowmeters can be connected and supported on a single CDS, each connected to a USB port. The driver supports stand-alone, network and Client-Server configurations. Virtual servers are also supported as long as they meet the Testa Analytical liquid flow meter hardware requirements.

Flowmeter Software Driver for Chromatography Data Systems (Courtesy: TESTA Analytical)

Liquid Chromatography Flow Meter (Courtesy – TESTA Analytical)

The fast control technology used by TESTA Analytical flow meter software driver supported by popular CDS incl Agile technologies OpenLab, WinGPC UniChrome and Clarity systems.

For additional information on the new flow meter software driver, please visit https://www.custom-chromatography.com/technologies.html or contact Testa Analytical Solutions at +49-30-864-24076 / [email protected].

TESTA analytical solutions is a leading specialist supplier of liquid chromatography instruments and detectors. Based on more than 30 years of experience, TESTA analytical solutions has established itself as a respected creator and supplier of top quality, innovative, high performance chromatography instrument sets and detectors with OEM customers worldwide.

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