GE Vernova unveils new AI-powered software to more reliably maximize the use of renewable energy

  • New software is designed to enable utilities to accelerate carbon reduction targets with existing assets while maintaining their ability to reliably meet demand.
  • Fleet Orchestration is the second software solution announced in as many months that highlights GE Vernova’s commitment to electrifying the world while working to decarbonize it.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – November 14, 2023 – GE Vernova’s digital business today announced the release of Fleet Orchestration, a new software solution designed to help utilities successfully maximize the use of renewable energy. The software helps make it possible to accelerate CO2 reduction targets with existing assets without sacrificing the ability to reliably meet demand. This news comes less than two months after the company announced the limited release of CERius™, its new CO2 emissions management software.

“Renewable energy such as wind and solar plays an important role in the energy transition. They are the key to reducing the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. The challenge is that these energy sources are inherently variable – the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine. But people always expect their lights to turn on when they flip the switch,” said Linda Rae, General Manager, Power Generation and Oil & Gas for GE Vernova’s digital business. “This is where software solutions, such as Fleet Orchestration, can help reduce this uncertainty for utilities and give them the confidence they need to ensure grid stability while reducing emissions.”

Fleet Orchestration is a modern energy solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) and advanced modeling. Designed for vertically integrated utilities – those that generate, transmit and distribute power – it allows for the seamless incorporation of renewable energy with existing assets. According to Kiran Darmasseelane, industry analyst at Verdantix: “Industrial companies seeking to integrate large amounts of renewable energy into the grid while maintaining stable and reliable power supplies are forced to identify dynamic solutions that can adapt to ever-changing conditions and demands of the energy landscape in real time . Solutions like GE Vernova’s Fleet Orchestration represent the piece of the puzzle that has been missing for the industry until now.”

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The software has several key features, including its performance prediction and unit performance optimization modules. Performance predictions previously only available for thermal power generation are now available to provide predictions for renewable energy. The module automates these predictions for various time intervals from 15 minutes to weekly for each unit, block and factory in the fleet. The new Unit Commitment Optimizer uses a fast-running stochastic model – one that is beneficial when there is variability – to provide probabilistic insights for planning as well as real-time recommendations as conditions change on how best to navigate the uncertainty of matching generation and demand . These recommendations help set appropriate reserve margins and maximize the use of renewable energy while maintaining reliability. Both factors can have a major impact on a utility company’s carbon footprint.

The importance of setting adequate reserve margins was highlighted in a study released by ISO New England last year. The study concluded that to reach 56% renewable energy use, the reserve margin – how much extra resources are needed to keep the system reliable in times of stress – may increase from 15% to 300% by 2040. Fleet Orchestration can reduce a utility’s needs for excess fossil fuels as it increases their confidence in their renewable energy strategy.

Another key feature of Fleet Orchestration is that it can be easily integrated with GE Vernova’s GridOS® Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS). GridOS, announced by the company earlier this year, is the world’s first software portfolio designed specifically for grid orchestration. Together, forecasting, unit commitment and grid orchestration software can help when it comes to meeting demand and ensuring grid stability in the most cost-effective and sustainable way.

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More information on how GE Vernova software is accelerating a new energy era can be found here.


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