Generali Thailand reduces application development costs by 12% with CAST software

Generali Thailand, a member of Assicurazioni Generali, one of the largest insurance conglomerates in the world, has successfully lowered its application development and maintenance (ADM) costs by 12%. This impressive step forward was made possible by applying CAST Imaging’s Structural Risk Extension to their development processes of critical, customer-focused applications such as the Customer Engagement Platform.

These implementations consist of CAST’s software intelligence that benefits several significant applications, including those involving millions of lines of code, some developed in-house and others by ADM collaborators. By adopting this innovative software intelligence, Generali Thailand has ensured more efficient, reliable software release sequences, along with significantly strengthening the exchange of knowledge within teams by automatically gathering intelligence on the state and functionality of their proprietary applications.

The need to rapidly advance core applications has become an urgent priority for Generali Thailand due to its rapidly growing customer base with comprehensive insurance solutions in Thailand. Maintaining software efficiency, resilience and security is critical given the large team of ADM partners. In the fast-paced environment in which several of the teams operate, sharing technical knowledge about the current state of the applications can be a formidable challenge.

Last year, Chief Information Officer Hyun Sook Ji sought to accelerate the transformation process and improve IT systems, recognizing the instrumental role that software intelligence could play. This intelligence, with its capacity to automatically understand complicated custom-built software systems, akin to MRI-like insight into their inner workings, was seen as a necessary tool in the task.

Hyun Sook Ji pointed out that compared to other options, “CAST came out as a much better solution”. According to her, CAST greatly simplified the review process, giving total peace of mind about all software provided by their ADM partners. She has also expressed anticipation of incorporating the technology into more application work in the coming years.

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This intentional adoption of CAST’s software intelligence has not only increased the company’s understanding of the software state, but it has also facilitated more effective collaboration with ADM partners. It has also allowed Generali Thailand to identify and mitigate potential issues before they affect end users, ultimately providing a superior user experience. This proactive approach has resulted in significant cost savings, including a 25% reduction in rework and coding effort, along with a 20% reduction in the duration of knowledge transfers.

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