Horizon Software collaborates on innovative liquidity metrics

21st November 2023: Paris, France – Horizon Software (Horizon), a global leader in electronic trading solutions and algorithmic technology, today announces the launch of a new research paper, orchestrated by Yadh Hafsi, supported by Horizon, entitled: “Discovery of market disturbances and detection of liquidity trends”. The article introduces an advanced methodology for detecting significant changes in liquidity within order-driven markets.

The primary goal of this research is to improve the way we can identify fluctuations in liquidity within the financial markets. Essentially, liquidity reflects how easy or difficult it is to buy or sell assets such as stocks without causing significant price fluctuations. Recognizing when market liquidity changes is essential for traders, investors and financial institutions.

Horizon Software has supported and assisted Yadh in his research and subsequently integrates his findings into their product offering. The signals will be visible to end users during their trading decision and also integrated into Horizon’s algorithms to improve executions. Horizon discusses with customers and users how the research can best be deployed for their specific use cases, to further increase the technological benefits that come from adopting the methodology.

According to Olivier Masdebrieu, Chief Technology Officer, Horizon adds:

“It’s great to see that this article is available to everyone, and even better that Horizon has been able to support Yadh Hafsi in his research, using our platform ‘Horizon Extend’, a multi-asset electronic platform for trading between clients and agencies. We are excited to integrate these features, which will improve execution performance, and are eager to present the usefulness of these findings to our global customer bases. We look forward to supporting the development of Yadh’s next article, as part of our commitment to leverage all opportunities, both academic and industrial, to develop leading-edge market insights that we can incorporate into our products.”

Yadh Hafsi, PhD candidate at Université Paris-Saclay and leader of the research project, says:

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“This paper contributes significantly to our understanding of liquidity dynamics in financial markets. My professors and my colleagues have been very helpful and we will continue to work on this area in the coming year.”

Sylvain Thieullent, CEO of Horizon Software says:

“Horizon Software strives to push the boundaries of innovation in the financial technology sector. Our collaboration on this research paper reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enable market participants to navigate liquidity fluctuations with greater precision and confidence. By leveraging cutting-edge methodologies, we aim to equip our clients with the tools they need to make informed decisions and thrive in dynamic market environments.”

About Horizon Software:

Horizon, a world-leading provider of Market Making, Agency Trading and Algo Trading Technology, has been supporting capital market players for more than two decades by building powerful algorithmic technology into its electronic trading platform and providing trading capabilities through direct connectivity to more than 80 exchanges worldwide. . Horizon, a B Corp certified company, enables clients to quickly create, test and deploy automated trading strategies in real time, aligned with its ‘Trade Your Way’ philosophy. The platform easily integrates with rich APIs and allows developing custom strategies while keeping the trader’s code confidential.

More information: www.hsoftware.com