Hyundai Motor Group calls for transformation in software-defined vehicle development at HMG Developer Conference

In his presentation, Ji-han Yoo, Senior Vice President (SVP) of Hyundai Motor Group’s Autonomous Driving Center, showcased real-world applications of the developers’ research, including the first video of the development of an autonomous parking tower remote parking pilot (RPP) .

Remote autonomous parking is a technology that allows a driver to get out of the car and with the push of a button the car will park itself.

The video, recorded at the parking tower at Hyundai and Kia’s Namyang Research and Development (R&D) Center, shows the test vehicle navigating to an empty space from the drop zone and parking safely.

SVP Yoo said the group is developing remote autonomous parking technology based on precise maps and positioning information for parking towers. He also emphasized that they are also developing a memory parking feature that automatically parks by remembering the route the driver drove and parked.

In addition, various driver assistance features developed or under development, such as LFA (Lane Following Assistance), Smart Cruise Control (SCC), Forward Collision-Avoidance Assistance (FCA) and the National Assembly RoboShuttle pilot service, were also revealed through video.

SVP Yoo also unveiled a comprehensive autonomous driving technology development strategy that includes advancements in autonomous driving technology, integration of essential technologies, and expansion of development networks. This strategy is centered on two directions: universal security and selective convenience.

In addition, the group hosted presentations by external experts, including one on mobility services by Michael Sebetich, Vice President of Engineering at Motional, an autonomous driving joint venture between the group and Aptiv, and a special lecture on AI by Professor Sangkeun Lee in the Department of Artificial Intelligence at Korea University.

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After the main speakers’ presentations on SDV, autonomous driving, mobility services and AI, there were presentations by development employees and thematic lectures. In particular, the thematic questions and answers were well received by the participants, who shared their experiences and know-how in a frank manner.

As a side event to the conference, the group provided various attractions such as recruitment counseling programs, photo booths and recruitment events. The recruitment advisory program enabled HR managers and development staff in each field to participate together, address participants’ questions and engage in in-depth communication.