‘I would lay down my life for her

Nick Cannon ‘would still’ fall ‘hard’ for ex-wife Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon is still in awe of his ex-wife Mariah Carey, who remembers how she once saved his life.

In his interview with Diary of a CEO on Thursday, the rapper recalled an incident from when the couple were together. Carey came to his aid when he had passed out after a run in the snow.

“Mariah came in and found me,” he said. “And they rushed me to the emergency room in Aspen… I didn’t think it was that bad because I had just come back from jogging in Aspen. So they’re like, he probably has altitude sickness.”

He then shared that doctors later found out that his kidneys had almost failed due to Lupus. And when he struggled with the disease and even thought about life after death, Carey became his “rock”.

“[Mariah] was my rock man,” he said in awe.

“She went hard, probably wouldn’t even, to be honest, probably wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for how hard she went with the doctors with me, my stubbornness. She was the perfect helper, the perfect matriarch, the perfect mother, the perfect wife in these scenarios.”

“Because granted, she is who she is when she has to deal with all the pressures of being Mariah Carey, but then be loving enough to take on all my stuff,” he revealed.

As he continued to sing praises Without you hitmaker for her diligence, he admitted to still having the same dedication to her.

“But I think that’s what you do when you find a helper. When you find someone you are married to. I went hard for her and I would still go hard for her. I would give my life for her, even today.”

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