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Samsung Canada showcases its 2023 98-inch QLED 4K Q80C TV that captures enchanting images for an immersive experience.

Everyone knows that the television in every home is a place to gather and enjoy the latest in movie and TV magic. Those who value conviviality, hosting events, trending technology and an immersive entertainment experience understand that the living room is more than just a room. This is where you experience playoff history, cinema’s classic moments and home movie nostalgia. With the unveiling of the 98-inch QLED 4K Q80C TV from Samsung, a standard has been established for super-large TVs.

Engineered to offer you bright colors and ultra-vibrant details on a dazzling super-slim screen, the 98-inch QLED 4K TV will captivate you at every moment. Sit back from a comfortable viewing distance – as close as four meters away – and embrace a visual spectacle as your content is transformed into crisp 4K resolution. With its high-performance, AI-powered, Neural Quantum Processor, the 98-inch Q80C will upgrade your content scene by scene to near-4K quality with sharp details you never knew existed.

However, it is the Supersize Enhancer function that sets this TV apart from others on the market. Tailored for the ultra-large screen, the AI-powered image intensifier is dedicated to optimizing upscaling, implementing noise reduction and enhancing sharpness for superior image quality. The three-dimensional Depth Enhancer is designed to mirror how human eyes process depth by increasing foreground contrast. Now, when you’re watching a nature documentary, the 98-inch QLED 4K TV enhances a tiger’s whiskers while leaving the background as it is – just as a person’s eyes would.

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More importantly, as the technology evolves, so should its accessibility. The 98-inch Q80C offers a built-in Smart Hub, accessed through your Samsung account, which allows you to discover all your favorite content and easily access all your TV functions. From streaming apps to all the latest shows to console games in the Samsung Gaming Hub, you can access everything in one place. You can also access Samsung’s SmartThings portal from your TV, which gives you access to a number of benefits for your home, including the ability to monitor the energy consumption of your Samsung devices. Through SmartThings Energy on your TV, you can identify which devices use more energy than others and create automations to reduce your energy consumption, so you can enjoy your favorite programs and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

The super slim design of the 98-inch QLED 4K TV blends beautifully into any environment. It is a breathtaking aesthetic piece that offers an extraordinarily immersive entertainment experience. From the moment you turn it on, everything else around you can seem to cease to exist as you get lost in the breadth of this TV’s size and amazing detail. More importantly, it makes a statement. It tells others that you won’t settle for anything but the best because that’s exactly what you deserve.

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