Indoor saffron cultivation technology introduced in Kishtwar

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GK photo

Kishtwar, September 3: At a significant event at the Agriculture Extension Office in Kishtwar, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Devansh Yadav today the latest indoor saffron cultivation technology. This innovative initiative marks a significant step towards revolutionizing saffron cultivation practices in the region.

The event also witnessed the presence of Chief Agriculture Officer, Amjad Hussain Malik, and DAO, Sanjay Sharma, along with beneficiary farmers who are greatly benefiting from this technological advancement.

Under Skill Development Programme, Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, District Kishtwar has realized the project at an estimated cost of Rs 1.35 lakh under SANKALP scheme.

In a generous gesture, each of the 9 beneficiaries on the occasion received 25 kg of saffron tubers, stands and trays, completely free of charge during the event.

This support aims to empower local farmers and encourage the adoption of advanced saffron cultivation techniques that address the climatic challenges prevalent in the region.

The unveiling of indoor saffron cultivation technology reflects the Kishtwar administration’s commitment to promote agricultural innovation and improve the livelihood of the saffron growing community by promoting the alternative mode of cultivation.

At the launch ceremony, the Deputy Commissioner engaged saffron growers and highlighted the potential benefits of indoor saffron cultivation technology. This innovative approach promises to revolutionize saffron cultivation and offer growers increased efficiency and productivity in the face of climate uncertainty, irrigation deficits and growing space in the district.

The Deputy Commissioner urged the saffron growers to desist from engaging in illegal trade and unauthorized export of saffron maize from the district. “Such activities pose a significant threat to the saffron cultivation practices of the district as it will also contribute to the depletion of high-quality native saffron, exacerbating the already existing shortage,” he said. In his call for responsible and ethical saffron trade, the Deputy Commissioner emphasized the importance of maintaining the district’s reputation for producing exceptional saffron, which is critical to sustaining the livelihood of local farmers and ensuring the long-term prosperity of saffron cultivation in Kishtwar.

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