Intuitive wine blending software powered by AI

Intuitive wine blending software powered by AI
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Tastry showcases powerful winemaking software and laboratory services to elevate your wine program. Tastry CompuBlend® is intuitive wine blending software powered by AI, your vision and the chemistry of your wine samples analyzed by the Tastry lab. Rapidly prototype mix models that include additives, oak treatments, veneers and more. CompuBlend® puts you in control of dozens of parameters, including chemistry and consumer taste, and filters hundreds of thousands of options into precise blending approaches to achieve your goals.

Stop by for a quick review of CompuBlend, information on Tastry’s lab services, insight into consumer preferences and more! #ExpoDeals: 15% off your wine chemistry analysis with consumer sentiment reports included. Bulk discounts are available – just ask!

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Tastry is a leader at the intersection of artificial intelligence and analytical chemistry. At Tastry, our mission is to bridge the gap between science and consumer satisfaction, empowering wine-focused companies to create products that capture their target audience and drive growth.

Our expertise:

Analytical Chemistry: We harness the principles of analytical chemistry to unlock the hidden nuances of flavor and aroma, enabling us to decode the sensory world like never before.

Artificial Intelligence: Tastry is at the forefront of AI innovation, leveraging advanced algorithms and techniques to make sense of complex data and transform it into straightforward, actionable intelligence.

Predictive Analytics: We enable businesses to predict consumer preferences, market trends and product success with unmatched accuracy.

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North Coast Wine Industry Expo – WIN Expo – at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

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