Jason Kelce is hilariously called ‘Taylor’s girlfriend’s brother’ in Chicago

Jason Kelce may be the Super Bowl champion, but he recently earned a new Taylor Swift-inspired title.

The Philadelphia Eagles center recently visited Chicago’s famous hot dog joint, The Weiners Circle, which had a sign outside the establishment that read, “Welcome Taylor’s Boyfriend’s Brother.”

On Thursday, the restaurant’s official Instagram page shared several posts from Kelce’s visit, including another Welcome sign that read, “Welcome The Other Kelce Brother.”

Kelce’s visit to The Weiners Circle was documented in a video of the NFL on Prime Video, which shows the NFL player engaging in a back-and-forth with the staff. The restaurant is known for its staff insulting their customers — and the Eagles center certainly got its fair share of slights.

The footballer was seen walking into the eatery as an employee passing by Poochie mentioned his recent title as a finalist for People’s 2023 Sexiest Man of the Year.

“Bullshit,” she said, before mentioning her young brother, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, who is dating Swift.

“He’s too busy chasing Taylor Swift and going to her concerts,” she said. “He’s got to get his ass on that field and do whatever the hell he’s got to do.”

The Eagles player responded by joking that Poochie’s mom looks like “Good Morning America” ​​co-host and former NFL player Michael Strahan.

After the two traded insults, Kelce promised to give Poochie an autographed jersey and he posed for pictures with the staff.

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce photographed holding hands during a night out on the town on October 15, 2023 in New York City.

The Philadelphia Eagles center has weighed in on his sibling’s relationship, telling NBC Sports last month that he was “happy” for his brother but had some concerns about the “star level” that follows the famous pop star.

“There’s another end to it where it’s like, ‘Man, that’s a lot,'” he said. “There’s paparazzi talking about him burning his car before the game today and I’m like, ‘Is that really necessary information to share?'”

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