Live updates from the Trump fraud case: Don Jr testifies in court in New York

So far, Don Jr has kept the same attitude from his previous testimony – friendly and relaxed.

And Judge Engoron appears to warm to Trump’s eldest son and say “welcome back” at first.

The two seem quite friendly and make jokes every now and then.

At the mention of Trump’s golf course in Scotland, Don Jr said he “wouldn’t recommend Scotland at this time of year” and the judge said with a smile that he wanted to go to the country.

At one point, Judge Engoron asked Trump to stop saying his forbidden word in the courtroom – “again”

Don Jr caught himself saying “again” and apologized. The judge smiled and said that at least he noticed that time.

The Attorney General’s team, on the other hand, is already apparently resentful of the defence’s questioning – against going through the organisation’s property portfolio.

They also said Don Jr’s memory when they questioned him was “volatile”.

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