Milestone Systems launches advanced XProtect 2023 R3 video management software

Milestone Systems, a leader in video technology delivery, has unveiled XProtect 2023 R3, an upgraded version of its powerful video management software (VMS). As a platform that is essentially data-driven, scalable and adjustable, XProtect represents a new potential for companies in the process of building an intelligent base that converts video data into valuable insights.

XProtect 2023 R3 aims to maximize organizational productivity, collaboration and scalability as it becomes more operational. The updated software introduces a number of new features that further improve operational efficiency, enhance collaboration and offer more secure system control.

One of the most important features of XProtect 2023 R3 is the Onboarding Feature Guide. Built directly into the web client, this unique aspect provides operators with vital information about the structure of the web client. As a result, operators can work more efficiently and facilitate a more efficient and rapid onboarding of new employees.

With a focus on improved functional differentiation within an organization, XProtect 2023 R3 introduces role-based alert notifications. Through this, users are able to generate alert notification profiles that channel alerts to specific operators according to their individual roles. This leads to the mitigation of alert fatigue by channeling relevant messages to each user so they can concentrate on what is important. Response times are optimized as critical alerts are instantly presented to the person best equipped to respond.

In addition to these prominent new features, the 2023 R3 update includes a host of improvements. These include cyber security hardening, increased VMS resilience and a wider range of integrations with third-party systems via XProtect’s open API architecture.

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XProtect is committed to pushing the boundaries of open platform video technologies. This progressive focus on innovation ensures that users are consistently exposed to the latest advances, maximizing the value of their video technology investment.

In addition, all XProtect users with active Milestone Care can access the 2023 R3 update at no additional cost. Milestone Care is a complete software maintenance and support program that takes care of the product throughout its lifetime. It delivers on Milestone Systems’ commitment to its customers and their business so that individuals can take full advantage of their product and maximize their investment.

Milestone Systems is an expert provider of data-driven video technology software for security and beyond. It helps the world ensure security, protect assets and increase business efficiency. The business delivers actionable insights from video data through the perfect combination of cameras, sensors, open platform software and analytics, “always with a responsible mindset and a people-first approach,” notes Milestone Systems.

Milestone enables an open platform community that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology. Its reliable and scalable solutions have been proven at more than 500,000 customer sites worldwide. Milestone was founded in 1998 and is an independent company in the Canon group.

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