New eDrilling software package designed to optimize drilling plans

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STAVANGER, Norway — eDrilling has released its wellPlanner DWP software for the global drilling and well community. Users will have access to accurate modeling software for the Halliburton Digital Well Program (DWP), providing the opportunity to add significant value to their Halliburton investment and their upcoming drilling operations.

eDrilling’s wellPlanner software package is designed to optimize drilling plans. WellPlanner leverages eDrilling’s Dynamic Hydraulic & Temperature (DHT) and Torque & Drag (TD) modules to provide accurate planning, minimized risk and uncertainty, and accelerated drilling program lead time. The cloud-native software is integrated into Halliburton DWP as microservices.

The software allows users to apply the DHT and TD modeling software to increase safe drilling margins, reduce risk and uncertainty, and reduce planning cycle time. The software also enables dynamic transient modeling software to be used in existing investments in Halliburton’s Drilling Well Program and EDM.


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