New Meta Entertainment’s Dignitas and “Bugha’s End Game” receive coveted Game Awards nominations

Bugha’s End Game has reached over 5.1 million unique players

LOS ANGELES, 15 November 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Bugha’s End Game,“the groundbreaking custom map in Fortnite created by Dignitas, subsidiary of New Meta Entertainment, Inc, (“NME”) and world-renowned professional gamer Bugha, has received a prestigious nomination at The Game Awards in the new ‘Best in UEFN’ category. The nomination comes on the heels of “Bugha’s End Game” has achieved remarkable success since its release, captivating the gaming community with its innovative gameplay and design.

The nominees for The Game Awards are selected by an international jury of over 100 global media and influencer outlets, selected for their history of critical video game evaluation. As part of The Game Awards’ commitment to honoring excellence in the industry, the nomination reflects “Bugha’s End Game“s unusual qualities that have resonated with players and industry experts alike. In addition to a jury vote, The Game Awards allows fans to vote for their favorite cards within Fortnite’s new TGA Voting hub. You can find the instructions and how to vote at Bugha’s End Game here:

Since its launch, “Bugha’s End Game” has welcomed an astonishing 5.1 million unique players into its virtual arena. In 3 months, the map has become one of the most popular destinations on the Fortnite platform. With over 15.5 million recorded plays, the game mode has proven to be a unparalleled success that resonates with both casual gamers and the competitive gaming community.

“I am incredibly honored and grateful to be nominated for ‘Best in UEFN’ at The Game Awards 2023,” noted Bugha. “This recognition means the world to me and I want to express my deepest thanks to the Fortnite fans who have supported me on this incredible journey!”

“We are honored to be nominated for ‘Best in UEFN’ at The Game Awards 2023 alongside the phenomenal Bugha,” said Michael Prindiville, CEO of NME and Dignitas. “This recognition is a testament to the innovative spirit that drives Dignitas, pushing the boundaries of Fortnite in both competitive excellence and community engagement. Our journey to becoming the number one organization for Fortnite content is a collective effort, and we are grateful to The Game Awards and the entire Dignitas community for this incredible recognition.”

The game mode in “Bugha’s End Game,” hailed by fans and gaming media alike as “a brilliant take on the Late Game Arena,” showcases the most exciting gameplay Fortnite has to offer by simulating the end of intense Battle Royale games. The game mode has garnered dedication from Bugha’s passionate fans and interest in the Fortnite community and has been recognized as a well-designed custom experience.Thousands of professional players are similarly engaged with the map, using it as a useful tool to warm up for competitive play in Fortnite’s weekly tournaments.

Capitalize on the success of “Bugha’s End Game,” Dignitas partnered with the MIKE AND IKE Brand to bring the iconic candy brand to the millions of players on Fortnite. In one of the first brand integrations seen on a map of this scale and reception, players are greeted with custom MIKE AND IKE banners and billboards located on each of the six islands that make up the experience, with an additional integration found in the game’s lobby centered around a golden statue of the game’s namesake, Bugha.Tactile integration into a top-performing Fortnite custom map is one of the most effective and authentic ways for brands to get in front of the hard-to-reach audiences that make up the gaming community.

Fans of Dignitas and “Bugha’s End Game” has participated in weekly community tournaments over the last several weeks of the game, each presented by MIKE AND IKE. These MIKE AND IKE Community tournaments saw players across all levels of play compete against each other for a share of a weekly prize pool and for a chance to have their gamertag proudly placed directly on the trophy in the “Bugha’s End Game” lobby.

New Meta Entertainment hopes to pioneer a new tool in the marketer’s playbook by authentically integrating up-and-coming brands directly into the game of Fortnite through a map that captures the essence of what has made Fortnite a global phenomenon since its release 6 years ago . This signals a shift away from the historical strategy of releasing a pure branded map experience, which has at times left players struggling to connect with the game they grew to love.

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Since its formation in 2003, Dignitas has established itself as one of the most successful eSports organizations in the world, amassing 18 world championships across multiple game titles. IN September 2016Dignitas was acquired by the NBAs Philadelphia 76ers of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE), a diverse, global portfolio of sports and entertainment franchises and properties that include Philadelphia 76ers (NBA), New Jersey Devils (NHL) and more. Dignitas is the eSports organization within New Meta Entertainment, Inc. (NME), a new media sports and entertainment company founded in May 2019 by an investor group that includes, among others, HBSE, Susquehanna International Group and Delaware North. Dignitas currently fields teams in three of esports’ biggest and most popular games: Fortnite, League of Legends and Rocket League. In 2021, NME launched Raidiant, a first-of-its-kind agnostic esports team platform to empower women in games through resources and events. With content studios and plays wellness facilities in Greater New York City and Los AngelesNME is a magazine dedicated to esports athletes, digital influencers and entertainment game-changers.

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