New seed variety placement technology launched

BASF introduces xarvio SeedSelect, a new seed variety placement technology based on an algorithm derived from field research plot trials, local topographic and soil characteristics, and variety-specific yield building characteristics.

The company says that using advanced data and analytics methods, xarvio SeedSelect evaluates soybean varieties based on how they build yield, providing a fundamental understanding of what field characteristics best support growth and matching them to growers’ fields based on those characteristics.

“We have conducted trials across multiple fields with great variation to isolate and understand the influence of sub-field environments,” said Greg Ury, BASF agronomist, in a press release. “We look at how a variety interacts with multiple traits such as organic matter, cation exchange capacity (CEC), slope and other factors that contribute to yield. This helps guide placement and management so we can ensure that varieties are in the fields where they belong and reduce the impact of unpredictable weather.”

With xarvio SeedSelect, retail seed professionals will have increased information to place varieties in farmer’s fields.

“Seed selection is the most important factor in soybean yield, and selecting the correct variety can be a complex and time-consuming process,” Amy Pawlick, digital farming manager for BASF, said in the release. “With xarvio SeedSelect, retailers gain access to prescriptive variety selection and field placement that strives to improve growers’ yield potential from the very first year.”

xarvio SeedSelect uses an algorithm that takes into account influential topographic and soil characteristics and their impact on soybean growth and development. When customer field data is paired with information about an individual variety’s yield-building characteristics, the algorithm recommends the best Xitavo soybean seed varieties for a specific field’s characteristics. The result is an increased likelihood of successful product placement and performance.

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xarvio SeedSelect is available as part of xarvio Field Manager, an advanced crop optimization platform that helps agricultural retailers deliver unmatched service and value to customers through timely, field-specific agronomic recommendations. xarvio Field Manager supports retailers and growers throughout the season, from planning to harvest. xarvio SeedSelect and xarvio Field Manager will enhance retailers’ ability to visualize crop and product performance across a range of indicators, such as biomass maps, crop phenology staging and satellite imagery. To learn more, visit:

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