Notable rollout of a new software update promises an improved digital paper experience

reMarkable has announced the release of its latest software version, version 3.8. This update underlines the brand’s commitment to improving user interactions and pushing the boundaries of digital note-taking. Packed with four transformative features, the release promises to empower users to unleash their creative endeavors and deliver refined tools for writing, drawing, organizing, and collaboration.

Precision at your fingertips

Say goodbye to the complexity of using rulers or stencils to draw straight lines. The new update simplifies the process with a unique feature: effortlessly create perfect lines by anchoring the tip of the Marker in place. This innovation allows users to adjust angles and lengths and effortlessly transform rough sketches into polished graphs, shapes and more with just a few strokes of the pen.

Stay organized

As the holidays approach, staying organized becomes paramount. Software update 3.8 introduces smart checkboxes in the text formatting menu, facilitating seamless creation and management of to-do lists. Easily mark completed tasks and watch the corresponding text gracefully strike out. For Connect subscribers, this functionality extends to the mobile and desktop apps, keeping task management fluid across devices.

Erase with finesse

No more terrifying remnants of erased strokes on the paper tablet. The eraser function has undergone a significant overhaul, providing a cleaner experience going forward. Precision is the name of the game, as the tool now erases accurately and removes only the intended part of the stroke without affecting adjacent lines.

Expand horizons

Connect subscribers now enjoy the versatility of the selection tool in the desktop app. This allows users to click and drag around a page and select handwritten notes or sketches for effortless manipulation – moving, rotating, scaling or deleting with unparalleled ease.

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The update is currently rolling out to all reMarkable users. Accessing the improvements is very easy: simply follow the instructions in the settings menu on your device and update the apps for an improved digital paper experience.

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