Police arrest suspect in fatal stabbing outside Lauren Daigle concert in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO – A man died after being stabbed outside the Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento, police said Tuesday night, and a suspect has now been arrested.

The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office has identified the victim as 22-year-old Laronn Derose Wilson II.

Malik Wilson, 23, was identified by authorities as a suspect in the killing. The Sacramento Police Department said Wednesday night that detectives had arrested him around 1 p.m. 5pm near Marconi Avenue and Calderwood Lane following a “relentless” search.

Despite having the same last name, police said there was no familial relationship between the suspect and the victim. Police also said both men were experiencing homelessness.

It happened around 4:45pm in the Downtown Commons just meters away from the G1C entrance as crowds entered the arena for a Christian rock concert. Sacramento police said the victim was stabbed at least once and was pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Crime tape and barricades blocked concertgoers from the gruesome crime scene. Investigators took photos and processed evidence of the bloody scene.

“I mean, definitely shocked,” concertgoer RayAnn Culver said. “I know it’s Sacramento and you know there’s different things going on, but DOCO seems like a family-friendly area, especially at a Christian concert that you’re going to attend.”

Even with the crime scene’s proximity to the front doors of the arena, the concert went on with Lauren Daigle in the lead. Many fans didn’t even notice the homicide investigation right next to them.

“I’m kind of taken back by it,” Culver said. “I don’t know if it’s just deciding not to look or if they’re just not aware of what’s going on.”

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“It’s pretty scary,” concertgoer Cal Bard said. “I mean, I have a younger niece who is seven years old that I know is coming to this concert, and when you look around, there are a lot of younger people who are coming to this concert. I’m actually glad that they did good job barricading this.”

With a city center facing concerns over public safety and violent crime, homicide investigators are now at the front door of its biggest civilian asset in the G1C.

Police also noted that they believe both the victim and suspect “experienced homelessness.”

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