Premiere Entertainment Group Eyes Latin American Expansion, Brings On ‘Sin Hijos’ Producer Sandro Halphen (Exclusive) | News

Sandro Halphen

Los Angeles-based production, financing and sales company Premiere Entertainment Group (PEG) has hired veteran Mexican producer Sandro Halphen as it grows its Latin American business.

Mexico City-based Halphen, whose credits include Netflix Original Pity Hijos, will be responsible for building PEG’s Spanish-language slate and will assume creative and overall production oversight of the company’s productions south of the border.

Already slated for production is Arturo Menendez’s (Malacrianza) body-swapping comedy The Ballad of Hortensia (La Ballada de Hortensia), which is set to begin principal photography later this month in El Salvador.

Francisco Gattorno and Helena Haro star and producer and PEG head Elias Axume are in Central America preparing for the start.

Salvadoran espionage thriller Curfew and Desert runnera drug crime epic set in Mexico in the 1970s is scheduled to begin shooting early next year.

Halphen has produced more than 40 films. In addition to Netflix originals Too bad hijos and Father wantedhe was co-creator and showrunner on the Prime Video series El Juego De Las Llaves.

He previously held the position of head of development at Mexico’s Corazon Films.

On social media, Axume said: “Sandro will be responsible for the overall production supervision and development of our films shot in Latin America. In addition, he will participate in the construction of our ever-growing Spanish-language film slate. He will add more than forty experiential films to our company .Welcome to your new home Sandro!”

PEG recently licensed North American rights to the action western Taken from Rio Bravo with Alexander Nevsky (Showdown IN Manila, Black Rose) to ITN Distribution.

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