Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Real Reason Kanye West Married Bianca Censori, Revealed

Kanye West appears to have married Bianca Censori so she could become his personal assistant, an insider close to the rapper hinted.

Bianca does not take advantage of her impeccable skills as an architect and designer despite being a professional and instead handles her controversial husband’s personal tasks.

According to The Sun, Kanye gradually reduced Bianca’s role in his company from an architect and designer to a “personal assistant.”

“Bianca initially took the helm of several of Ye’s real estate projects and helped him spearhead his design ideas,” the insider said.

But because of her excellent communication skills, she helps Kanye “communicate with people who work with him on various projects, so she’s been relegated to a more personal assistant role,” the insider said.

The source continued: “Bianca is a brilliant woman. Really just brilliant. She went to school to be a designer and architect, but she ended up becoming more of a personal assistant for a lot of Ye’s affairs.”

The insider said that while Bianca is reportedly involved in important decisions, but “the problem is that she would end up being abruptly interrupted in the process when Ye beckoned.”

Therefore, it could be assumed that Kanye tied the knot with Bianca so that she could live with him 24/7 and accompany him everywhere.

“People in his circle call her the Kanye Whisperer,” the insider noted.

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