Results Software returns to original ownership with plans for growth and innovation

Results Software, acquired by Abacus Data Systems in 2017, has recently been repurchased by original owner and founder, Sam Saab. In the years leading up to this recent reacquisition, Sam partnered with industry veteran Randy Johnston to develop DoMore platform, a remarkably adaptable Business Management System serving a wide range of global clients in various sectors and industries. Following the reacquisition of Results Software earlier this year, the company has successfully leveraged the foundation of DoMore to reintroduce the Results product on the cutting-edge platform that prioritizes a mobile-first design.

Sam Saab

Sam Saab, along with the three directors who ran Results Software prior to the 2017 acquisition, states, “We are very pleased to have Results Software back with the original management team of Mike Honig, Jessica Solis and Paul Salemi. We look forward to working with both our long-standing and new customers as well as our partners. At Results, our passion has always been to help companies streamline their operations and grow their business through the automation and increased visibility that our award-winning product provides.”

The new Results platform and product line offering was built from the ground up using advanced technology and incorporates a mobile-first design – representing a new perspective on CRM, Business and Field Service Management. Results offers a wide range of functionalities that include relationship management, scheduling, services, documents, projects, invoicing, inventory, a contact web portal and much more. In particular, each module of the system is fully customizable and flexible to meet the specific needs of each unique business. Results® is a cloud-based and cross-platform solution with the unique option of an on-premises implementation.

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Results offers a two-way integration with all versions of QuickBooks Online (QBO) as well as QuickBooks Desktop (QBD), in the US and internationally. Randy Johnston, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Results Software affirms, “The resurgence of Results Software in the QuickBooks ecosystem provides our partners with a unique CRM, Business and Field Service Management tool that allows them to more effectively match customers’ needs with the appropriate application.”

To celebrate the new product launch and as an expression of gratitude to loyal, long-time customers, Results made a generous offer to provide a 100% credit refund to their perpetual license holders to use towards the newly renewed Results product. “Our customer base has gone through not one, but now two acquisitions. We wanted to create a unique way for them to benefit from the new version of Results without losing their previous investment. By giving full credit for what they had previously paid, we set the gold standard for ethically switching customers from perpetual to subscription licenses; it was the right thing to do,” states Sam.

While the Results product has changed significantly and evolved over the past few months, the product journey has only just begun. The company has a number of integrations in development aimed at providing seamless connections between the applications that users depend on. The Results Software development team is actively working on a number of new features and integrations to ensure continuous adaptation to the changing needs of their customers.

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