Revolutionary cold transport: Advanced refrigeration technology unveiled by Utility Trailer and Schmitz Cargobull – 20% fuel savings

Ia landmark advance for the logistics and transportation industry, Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. and Schmitz Cargobull Corp. introduced their latest Advanced cooling technology to North America. Set to revolutionize the refrigerated transport sector, this innovative technology promises significant fuel savings and compliance with strict emissions standards.

Introduction of advanced refrigeration technology in North America

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company

Revolutionary North American refrigerated transport with cutting-edge technology. Fuel efficiency meets environmental stewardship in advanced refrigeration.

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. and European trailer manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull Corp. has embarked on a pioneering venture that brings their Advanced cooling technology to North America under the Cargobull North America brand. As an exclusive distributor, Utility Trailer is integrating this technology into its 3000R series of refrigerated trailers, marking a significant leap in transport refrigeration units (TRU). Announced in September 2023, this joint venture combines the expertise of two market leaders to revolutionize the North American refrigerated transport sector. Explore the latest trends in refrigerated transport here.

The ground-breaking technology behind advanced cooling

Schmitz Cargobull Corp.

Utility Trailer and Schmitz Cargobull: Pioneering a sustainable future. A partnership rooted in innovation that drives the industry forward. Exclusive dealership marks a new era in transport refrigeration.

Schmitz Cargobull, the leader in TRU technology in Europe, brings a wealth of experience to the table with over 30,000 TRUs in operation. Known for up to 20% less fuel consumption, their technology includes both plug-in hybrid and all-electric units, paving the way for reduced emissions and improved efficiency in cold chain logistics. The partnership has led to the development of two innovative TRUs based on Schmitz Cargobull’s S.CU technology, further enhancing the capabilities of the Utility Trailers 3000R line. Discover more about innovations in TRU technology and other Trucking Tech.

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Fuel efficiency and environmental compliance

Featuring 625 single-temperature and 655MT multi-temperature hybrid TRUs, the new series is not only fuel efficient, but also meets the stringent emission standards set for 2030 by the California Air Resources Board. This compliance is achieved without the need for diesel particulate filters or exhaust gas recirculation, demonstrating Utility Trailer’s commitment to sustainable transport solutions. Learn about California’s Air Resources Board emissions standards.

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Options for several temperatures for different needs

These TRUs meet the different needs of the refrigerated transport sector and offer up to three different temperature zones, ensuring optimal conditions for different goods. The innovative design, including a unique snorkel and air chute system, ensures even temperature distribution, eliminates hot spots and improves product safety. Read about advances in telematics and transport.

Meets California’s strict emissions standards

Utility Trailer and Schmitz Cargobull’s commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in their compliance with the California Air Resources Board’s ultra-low emission TRU regulations. This foresight positions them as leaders in the industry, ready to meet future regulatory challenges. Stay up-to-date on environmental regulations in transport.

The future of refrigerated transport

Looking ahead, the partnership between Utility Trailer and Schmitz Cargobull heralds a new era in refrigerated transport. With a focus on energy-efficient TRUs and high-tech telematics, they are ready to revolutionize the market and offer holistic solutions to refrigeration customers. Explore future trends in refrigerated logistics.

Advanced refrigeration technology unveiled by Utility Trailer and Schmitz Cargobull North America

Innovative TRUs: A Leap Forward in Cold Chain Logistics. Multiple temperature options to meet different transport needs. Compliance today, readiness for tomorrow’s emissions standards.

A partnership rooted in innovation

Both family-owned companies, now in their fourth generation of leadership, bring a legacy of innovation and a vision for the future. This collaboration is poised to deliver added value to North American customers and set new standards in the industry. Discover solutions in refrigerated transport with Utility Trailers.

Comprehensive solutions for Reefer customers

Utility Trailers President and CEO, Jeff Bennett, emphasizes their ambition to be not just the biggest, but the best in the business. This partnership is a step towards realizing this goal and offers customers a one-stop solution for all their refrigerated transport needs.

Key developments in advanced refrigeration technology

As we near the end of our exploration of the pioneering venture between Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. and Schmitz Cargobull Corp., it is crucial to highlight the key developments that mark this collaboration as a defining moment in the refrigerated transport industry:

  • Exclusive North American distribution: Utility Trailer has become the exclusive North American distributor of Schmitz Cargobull’s innovative TRU technology, particularly for their 3000R series of refrigerated trailers. This strategic move places Utility Trailer at the forefront of the North American market.
  • Joint Venture Formation: The establishment of “Cargobull North America” ​​in September 2023 signifies a robust partnership that combines the strengths and expertise of two industry leaders to innovate and lead in the refrigerated transport sector.
  • Introduction of advanced TRUs: The collaboration has led to the development of two advanced transport refrigeration units – 625 single-temperature and 655MT multi-temperature hybrid TRUs. These units are designed to offer superior efficiency, varied temperature control and environmental compliance.
  • Fuel efficiency and emissions compliance: A key focus of this technology is up to 20% reduction in fuel consumption and compliance with strict emission standards, including those set by the California Air Resources Board for 2030. This is in line with global efforts for sustainability and reduced environmental impact.
  • Innovative design and functions: The TRUs boast unique features such as a snorkel and air chute system for even temperature distribution, high-speed carts in the evaporator for more clearance, and a compact, low-profile design for improved aerodynamics.
  • Commitment to environmental management: The partnership’s dedication to meeting and exceeding environmental regulations without relying on traditional diesel particulate filters or exhaust gas recirculation demonstrates a commitment to sustainable and responsible innovation.
  • Vision for the future: Both Utility Trailer and Schmitz Cargobull, with their rich heritage and forward-looking leadership, are poised to revolutionize the refrigerated transport industry and offer comprehensive, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.
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Learn more about sustainability in transportation technology

These key developments not only represent a major leap forward in refrigeration technology, but also underline Utility Trailers and Schmitz Cargobull’s commitment to driving innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the global transport sector.

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