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In addition to a better ride, customers get more calling options, cruise control speed options and more

September 15, 2023 at 8:30 AM

Rivian is sending a new software update to all R1T and R1S customers, which sounds like a big improvement. Owners report positive effects on suspension and ride quality in all driving modes, in addition to better speed control, phone call functions and more.

Software version 2023.34.0 is being rolled out to R1T and R1S owners and the changes are apparently noticeable quite quickly from the cabin. The icing on the cake is two new speed options for cruise control. Drivers can set the speed limit to the road they are driving on or to the current speed.

The biggest change seems to be in the way the two vehicles handle everyday traffic. “We have improved ride quality across all driving modes and ride heights,” says Rivian. In part, this includes reducing “abruption when driving over sharp road impacts in all driving modes.” Early online reports suggest that owners are shocked at how much better their Rivian vehicles drive.

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In addition, there are new phone call features, such as the ability to mute the phone, answer the phone or switch between calls from the steering wheel. In addition, the route planning application now takes driving mode into account as part of its calculations. Range loss has been reduced by approximately 25 percent after this update when the car is parked at home with Gear Guard disabled or set to Off.

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There are also small practical updates, such as a new Screen Clean feature that allows users to clean the screens in the vehicle without interacting with them. Pressing the ‘Ready’ button for three seconds will turn it off, or it will turn off automatically after five minutes.

Connected vehicles pose a new potential risk to customers in terms of privacy, but this is a clear indication of some of their benefits. Over-the-air updates give automakers the ability to make a vehicle perform better long after sales have taken place, and that’s a whole new experience for most of us.

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