Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Russell Brand gets burned on camera for being a predator, stops the show

Russell Brand has been dropped from his last major TV job after he was frequently accused of being a “sexual predator”.

The comedian was hired to be a judge on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle in 2018, but he only stayed for one season after being publicly ridiculed on camera for allegedly sexually assaulting women.

According to three people familiar with the Fulwell 73 production, Russell was repeatedly criticized by Roast Battle judge Katherine Ryan while filming, however, her claims were not included in the final edit.

Katherine stated at the time that Russell was the subject of rumors in the comedy and television industry, but still managed to work for primetime shows.

Katherine avoided naming Russell, saying she confronted her “anonymous” co-star in an appearance on the BBC series Louis Theroux interviews,last year.

She said: “I – in front of lots of people, in the format of the show – said to this person’s face that they are a predator.”

Deadline claims that Katherine was actually only talking about Russell because it was a “litigious minefield” and she had not been directly assaulted by him.

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