Sanford completes challenging rollout of D365 ‘foundation’ software

Credit: Sanford

NZX-listed fishing company Sanford has deployed Microsoft’s D365 and Innova as its core software platforms.

The company’s digital change program, called Sancore, has delivered new safety, health and environmental software across the company, including D365 for financing, supply chain, quota management and payment systems.

“This will form the technological foundation for our company in the coming years.” The company writes this in its annual report published today.

Real-time product tracking software from US company Innova was integrated with D365 to provide better end-to-end visibility into inventory and costing by product type.

Innova allows products to be tracked through the production process regardless of whether the work is done at sea or on land, the report said.

“It starts with the caught or farmed fish or mussels and ends with the processed and packaged product.”

Sanford’s team had made positive efforts to adapt their processes and build a learning curve to support new ways of working, the report said. However, the journey appears to have been a challenge.

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