See: ADDiTEC’s new hybrid system with Liquid Metal Jetting technology

On Formnext 2023, ADDiTEC showcased its Liquid Metal Jetting technology for the first time following the acquisition of Elem Additive from Xerox earlier this year. The technology uses a sophisticated drop-on-demand liquid metal printing process. The technology is found in the company’s new Hybrid 3 system, which was launched at the fair. The system also includes its Laser Directed Energy Deposition technology as well as CNC machining.

TCT visited the ADDiTEC booth to take a closer look.

R&D Program Manager at ADDiTEC Sriram Manoharan told TCT: “Liquid metal jutting is welding wire intro to a crucible where you have an induction heating mechanism to melt the wire. Then you have electromagnetic forces that generate the pulse and that pulse generates the droplets. The main advantage of this is high resolution parts.The laser wire DED is for high deposition rate.

“Combining these two has two advantages, the first advantage is a geometric advantage where you can come with the laser wire DED at high deposition rates and do the fills and then you can come back with the liquid metal sputtering and do your perimeters which are high resolution . Then you have a CNC operation to do surface treatment.”

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