SemiUS, Commerce Department Finalizes Agreement for National Semiconductor Technology Center

The nonprofit SemiUS has entered into an agreement with the Department of Commerce to operate a new research and development center focused on promoting the American semiconductor sector.

The agreement sets the stage for the National Semiconductor Technology Center’s initial operations and paves the way for the long-term execution of the CHIPS for America Act’s vision and strategy for the NSTC, the National Institute of Standards and Technology said Thursday.

“Today’s announcement is an important milestone in Commerce’s work to stand up for the NSTC and will ensure that the United States leads the way in the next generation of semiconductor technologies and empowers the current and future generation of scientists, engineers and innovators,” said Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo .

The deal follows the appointment of seven members to the board of SemiUS.

NSTC will serve as a public-private consortium dedicated to accelerating the domestic production of semiconductor technology in the United States

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