Sharon Osbourne fears she is ‘too skinny’ after dramatic Olympic weight loss

Months after admitting she had used Ozempic for weight loss, Sharon Osbourne fears she has become “too skinny”.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the TV personality and wife of rock singer Ozzy Osbourne confirmed that she now weighs less than 100 pounds, noting: “I can’t afford to lose any more.”

“I’m too skinny and I can’t put on weight,” Osbourne told the publication in an interview published last week. “I want to, because I feel I am too thin. I’m under 100 pounds and I don’t want to be. Be careful what you wish for.’

She went on to note that she started using Ozempic last December, and even though she hadn’t used the injectable drug “for a while now,” she’s still unable to put on any of the weight she has lost.

“My warning is don’t give it to teenagers, it’s just too easy,” she said. “You can lose so much weight and it’s easy to become addicted to it, which is very dangerous. I couldn’t stop losing weight and now I’ve lost 42 kilos and I can’t afford to lose any more.”

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Sharon Osbourne talks about her experience using Ozempic, an injectable drug typically used as a diabetes treatment, for weight loss.

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Its skyrocketing popularity among those looking to lose weight has reportedly led to a global shortage, meaning many type 2 diabetes patients are unable to access it. Doctors have also been quick to emphasize the drug’s unpleasant side effects, including nausea.

Osbourne first spoke about her use of Ozempic in September, telling E! News: “It’s not a dirty little secret when you’ve taken something to help you lose weight, which is totally fine. We don’t need to rant.”

Later that month, however, she took a more cautious approach during a television interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” which drew a flurry of discourse over her noticeably slimmer appearance.

“I actually didn’t want to get that skinny, but it just happened,” she said at the time.

Osbourne continued to dismiss that criticism in her Daily Mail interview, noting: “I’ve never really cared what people say about how I look because I know I’ve paid a fortune to try to look attractive looking.”

“I’ve never been a beauty,” she added. “I was never blessed like that.”