Software security startup Vulcan Cyber ​​raises $34 million to fuel product innovation

Israeli software security startup Vulcan Cyber ​​Ltd. announced today that it has raised an additional $34 million in funding to fuel continued product innovation and expand into new markets.

Founded in 2018 and based in Tel Aviv, Vulcan Cyber ​​specializes in helping companies discover and fix vulnerabilities in their software stack and code. The company offers a vulnerability assessment platform designed not only to identify weaknesses in a company’s systems, but also to find out how to fix them.

The Vulcan Cyber ​​cyber risk management platform is built to help businesses reduce vulnerability and asset risk through measurable and effective attack surface security. The company orchestrates and tracks the vulnerability remediation lifecycle from scan to remediation by aggregating risk and asset data. In doing so, it prioritizes vulnerabilities using the business context to curate and deliver the best solutions and to automate the remediation processes through the last mile of remediation.

The company’s platform supports comprehensive exposure management beyond traditional vulnerability management by including application security posture management, cyber asset surface attack management, risk-based vulnerability management, and exposure and risk analysis.

Vulcan Cyber ​​customers use the platform’s capabilities to reduce the most critical attack surface risk and improve overall cyber hygiene by integrating hundreds of security tools and data sources to rationalize spend and help customers maximize investment. The platform offers a composite view of the customer’s unique cyber risk exposure across all attack surfaces using business and asset contexts.

Other features of the platform include the ability to identify attack paths associated with “cyber crown jewels” and asset interdependencies for vulnerability risk prioritization and holistic management of security postures. Task automation and orchestration enable vulnerability risk mitigation campaigns at scale, where machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to generate vulnerability remediation instructions for asset owners and operations teams.

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The new funding is an extension of a $21 million Series B round Vulcan Cyber ​​raised in March 2021. Maor Investments LLC and Ten Eleven Ventures LLC led the expanded round, with existing investors Dawn Capital Inc. and Wipro Ventures LLC also participated.

“Effective collaboration between security, engineering, operations teams and asset owners is critical. Orchestrating and automating remediation tasks at enterprise scale is critical,” said co-founder and CEO Yaniv Bar-Dayan ahead of the announcement. “This round of funding will help Vulcan Cyber ​​deliver on its vision to help customers align vulnerability risk management efforts with business priorities.”

Including the new funding, Vulcan Cyber ​​has raised approximately $69 million to date, including a $10 million round in June 2019.

Image: Vulcan Cyber

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