Take control of your Intel CPU’s P-Cores and E-Cores with CoreDirector software

Bitsum – the creators behind Process Lasso – have created a new thread scheduling application called CoreDirector that gives users full control over the performance cores of Intel’s 12th, 13th and 14th generation chips. The app resolves core scheduling issues with the Windows scheduler or Intel’s automated Thread Director that may occur with some applications. With CoreDirector, users can manually control which applications/games are used on the E and P cores.

The app has three core enforcement methods: “Efficiency Mode OFF”, CPU Affinity and CPU Set. Efficiency Mode Off is a soft enforcement method that prevents threads from being automatically scheduled to the E-cores, but still allows the E-cores to be used if an application needs the E-cores specifically or needs more threads than The P cores can give .


(Image credit: Bitsum)

The other two are quite similar to what Process Lasso already provides. CPU affinity will limit all threads to the P cores, except in cases where an application intentionally requests to run on the E cores. CPU set is a less strict enforcement method that sits “between the other two and leaves much of the decision up to the OS.”

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