Taylor Lautner celebrates first wedding anniversary with wife Taylor Lautner

Published: 3:36 PM PST, November 11, 2023

Taylor Lautnerfeeling grateful on his first wedding anniversary.

That Twilight star took to Instagram on Saturday and shared a photo of him and his wife, Taylor, walking down the aisle after saying “I do.” In the photo, the 31-year-old actor is smiling and looking dapper in a classic tuxedo, while his wife holds her bouquet in excitement. Meanwhile, the guests shower the lovely couple with white rose petals as they go out.

“365 days after having the honor of calling you my wife,” he captioned the post. “Every day somehow makes me a little more grateful. Thanks for putting up with me, I know it’s not always easy 😉 Love you so much! Let’s crush year 2!👊🏽.”

Not to be outdone, the 26-year-old wife celebrated the milestone with a video montage of the couple on their wedding day.

“My best friend, happy 1 year wedding anniversary!” she captioned the post. “Being your wife is my absolute favorite thing. I never thought I’d find a love like yours🤍✨”

While being his wife is her “absolute favorite thing,” so is she recently revealed on The Kelly Clarkson Show the hardest thing about having the same name as her husband.

“The email,” she replied after Clarkson asked the couple if it ever gets confusing with emails or questions.

“This holiday season is going to be rough,” replied the husband. “Some presents will definitely be broken.”

And then there’s flying and dealing with TSA workers.

“They’re like, ‘We need Taylor,’ and we’re like, ‘Which one?'” she said, noting that their names often cross the minds of TSA workers.

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“It’s both of us,” the actor added. “They’re like, ‘No, Taylor Lautner,’ and it’s like, ‘Both of us, too.'”


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