Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Monroe Pop Fest attendees line up for the convention's annual cosplay contest.  Southgate resident Eli Ingram won for his character costume of a tech priest from the Warhammer 40,000 board game.

Gary Baker couldn’t believe his luck.

Baker is a self-proclaimed “drunk geek” and grabbed a front-and-center spot during the Power Rangers guest panel at this year’s Monroe Pop Fest. Last year, those seats were reserved for people who paid for VIP tickets, Baker said, so he never expected to sit so close to his idols.

Decked out in his light blue ranger shirt, Baker could hardly contain his excitement as he fired question after question at the three actors at the front of the room.

Actors (from left) Jessica Rey, Jeffrey Parazzo and Kevin Duhaney interact with fans Saturday during the Power Rangers panel during the 11th annual Monroe Pop Fest.

Once upon a time, actors Kevin Duhaney, Jeffrey Parazzo and Jessica Rey all made a living fighting the forces of evil on the small screen. Duhaney and Parazzo worked together on the 2004 series “Power Rangers Dino Thunder,” and Rey preceded them on 2002’s “Power Rangers Wild Force.”

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